Paisa To Banega is not a Business...Its not just another academy…Paisa To Banega is an initiative…

We are Chetan Mirani & Bhavesh Bhavsar. From doing night shifts in BPO industry to becoming successful in stock market our story has lots of interesting turn arounds. Chetan Mirani started trading at the age of 17 and Bhavesh Bhavsar started trading at the age of 21. We both failed, we both have done different jobs. We both have made serious big mistakes. We both have faced criticisms from the family and friends. We both have somehow survived through all these ups and downs. We both have never given up. We both have seen very good and very bad times.

We met each other in one IT company. We became best friends and wonderful collegues. We shared our passion for Stock market and Business. Chetan is deeply passionate about economics, business and stock market while Bhavesh is deeply passionate about stock market, business and music. We started working together. We started sharing our strategies, our challenges and our approach towards stock market.

We become successful together. We have learned from each other. We have seen bitter truths about stock market and business. We were able to quit jobs, we are able to invest in businesses and we are able to coach others.

Chetan comes from a pure Gujarati family while Bhavesh comes from a pure Maharastrian family. We share deep passion about business and doing business with pure ethics.

We believe in COACHING. A teacher may be able to help you get 100 out of 100 marks. But in real life, in real business, in real stock market - you need a coach. In any field you need a coach if you want to achieve your goals. A coach can be bitter for you, a coach may give you hard lessons, a coach may not help you always but a coach will bring the best out of you, a coach will make sure you will solve your own problems.

So if you are serious about stock market, if you want to make money from stock market and if you are not looking for a sugar-coated bookish knowledge then join us.

Paisa To Banega is an education initiative started by Chetan Mirani and Bhavesh Bhavsar. We believe that a common person can build wealth and make money. It is unfortunate that schools and colleges do not teach about money, business and wealth. Most of the people are financially and money illiterate. Our aim is to reach out to people in India and educate them for money, finance, stock market and wealth. We provide coaching through educational programs and we share our research to enhance knowledge.


Paisa To Banega
E403, Shubham Residency
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Near Sukruti Flat, Sanand
Ahmedabad 382110


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